Salon du Chocolat: a unique opportunity to bring together the maitre chocolatiers and the excellence of the sector in a festival full of events, shows and culture. Food lovers, connoisseurs and professionals will be able to taste, experiment and discover the different nuances of chocolate in a weekend where taste, love and passion will be the key elements. After all we know, “9 out of 10 people love chocolate. The tenth mind “(John Tullius)

We will be present from 15 to 18 February at the biggest chocolate event in the world!


From the broad bean to the praline, through pastry, cakes and dark chocolates, leavened and glazed cakes, cocktails and vermouth: the third Milan edition of the Salon du Chocolat is a daydream. The Salon du Chocolat was founded 23 years ago in Paris and is the largest event dedicated to excellence chocolate with replicas in London, Beirut, Moscow, Tokyo and Seoul. This edition in the heart of Milan is one of the most important Italian gastronomic events.

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