At the beginning by using a small manifacture laboratory,
the company was able to distribute a part of its initial products in the Center of Italy:
tablets, nougats, Easter eggs, chocolates with real black truffles pieces.

Afterwards, he started to produce for companies already established on the national and foreign markets. We always considered as a priority the qualitative choice of raw materials used in manufacturing and the final product. For these reasons the request for our products increased and it was necessary to build the factory where we now work (in few years our products expanded to facing new business needs).
The chocolate processing machines increased from 2 to 10 and a short time we foresee to purchase another new machine to optimize the growing demand for chocolate pralines.
In 1994 we had also experience in the biscuits and yeast sectors; Gabriele Verucci tried to insert special biscuits with a chocolate base (obtained by a stone processing without cooking).

The success of these productions leaded to the expansion of the baked biscuits sector
with “La Vecchia Forneria Nursina” brand (by favoring the use of local raw materials).

To complete the production line we added the delicate panettone with natural leavening: with and without candied fruit, with raisins, with chocolate and cocoa dough, with berries, with Sicilian lemons and oranges minced candies and smoothies .. and many other novelties, mixed with natural mixture.

Gabriele Verucci daily invented new tastes or combination of tastes,
testing them directly with its customers becoming more and more numerous (coming also from other continents), in order to collect consent or denial to production.

Craftmanships and quality raw materials