Rafting is a fun and exciting activity: riding an unsinkable raft – the raft – you launch yourself on the waters of streams and rivers pushed by the currents, dodging the obstacles that are found along the way. It is a group sport, and as such requires team work: the participants must act according to the conditions and indications that the team leaders (usually expert guides) give. An adrenaline experience that offers great satisfaction to those who try it, but also a way to discover and visit places inaccessible by other means. The banks of the rivers in Umbria seem to be made especially for rafting: they are interspersed with rock walls, woods and large meadows. In a few minutes you can go from one type of landscape to a completely different one, an aspect that other sports can not boast!


Rafting e Outdoor Sport
Loc. Vallo di Nera, Umbria (PG) SP 472 km 0
Stefano: 334 8581414 – 331 588 5115
Maria 331 2098261
E-mail: raftingnomad@gmail.com
Fb: @raftingnomad

Rafting is an exciting activity for everyone; does not require special courses or skills to immediately tackle the rapids of the river with all possible safety precautions. The rafting inflatable boats are built specifically to withstand the stresses of the river, reinforced and divided into independent air chambers. The crews are normally composed of 6 (min 2 max 7) “passengers” and the guide.
Once you get to Rafting Umbria in Serravalle di Norcia, the practice is very simple:
you wear the wetsuits, the helmets of protection, you take the paddle and after a short course on how to maneuver the boat starts. The embarkation for the rafting descent is adjacent to the center and it is not necessary to move by bus unlike other centers in the area.
Before embarking on the raft for the descent our guides describe to the group, in a brief lesson of a few minutes, all the instructions and the main techniques necessary for the descent.
Climb then on the raft and descend along the river in rafting. In each dinghy (7 people maximum) there is a rafting guide that gives commands to the group, which through the paddles will try to steer the boat among the rapids.
During the descent, where the river allows it, you can dive.
Finally we return to the base of the Rafting Center.
During the descent our guides can make photos and videos, which will be stored on a CD or sent by email.


Rafting Umbria
Strada Statale di Norcia Via Fiume Corno, 5
06046 Serravalle Di Norcia, Umbria, Italy
Cell: 348 351 1798

Rafting is an exciting group sport for everyone, on the river aboard special rubber boats. The crew, consisting of 1 to 6 people, steers the boat among the rapids thanks to the paddles.
On each boat there will be one of our guides ready to guide you along the way and who will issue orders for maneuvers.
You will be the crew, as well as the protagonists of the raft, all with an active role.
Once at the Sibillini Rafting Center in Biselli di Norcia:
1. You wear the suits and everything you need and you reach the river
2. Before boarding, a short 10-minute lesson aimed at descending
3. The descent begins. In each boat (6 people maximum) there is a rafting guide that gives commands to the group, which through the paddles governs the boat in the rapids.
4. During the descent, where the river allows it, you can dive.
5. Who has chosen to do the adventure path, begins the path consisting of passages suspended above the trees and cableways.
6. Finally, return to the base of the Rafting Center.


Gaia Rafting Center
Località Biselli di Norcia
06046 Norcia
Cell: 348 735 6565

For over 30 years, Prodelta is a national free flight school that organizes paragliding courses, hang-gliding courses and paramotor courses.
In summer it is based in Castelluccio di Norcia (Perugia) and in winter in Poggio Bustone in the province of Rieti. We organize courses for students of all levels, from the beginner to the more experienced rider. The school currently employs a qualified technical staff that has been renewed and improved over the years
The Prodelta also offers the opportunity to experience the indescribable feeling of flying in the most comfortable, easiest and most safe flying in two-seater paragliding and in tandem deltaplanoo with expert pilots, on board the best equipment, for an exciting and unforgettable flight …
Prodelta also deals with the sale of sports equipment for free flight such as sails, hang gliders, engines, suits, helmets, emergency parachutes, radios and measuring instruments.


Our operational and summer teaching office in Castelluccio of Norcia, open from June to September, is located in:
Via delle Fate, 3 06046 – Castelluccio di Norcia (Perugia)
Opening ours: 9:00 am-1:00 pm – 3:00 pm-7:00 pm

Our operational and educational headquarters in Poggio Bustone, open from October to the first days of June, is located in:
Località Pescatore, snc 02018 Poggio Bustone (RIETI)
Opening ours: 9:00 am-1:00 am – 3:00 pm-7:00 pm
Tel: +39 0743 821156 Cellulare: 339 5635456

The Sibillini Ranch is located in Castelluccio of Norcia, in the heart of the Sibillini National Park, famous all over the world for its blooms in the Lentil fields.
Presents in the large plain of castelluccio since the early ‘900, the Sibillini Ranch has practiced for almost 35 years hiking and trekking activities of several days, tented horsecamps, horsemanship courses with the best horseman in the field, carriage rides, riding lessons countryside for beginners and experts, taming and training horses.
It is the ideal place to live an intense experience on horseback, in a direct relationship of trust and understanding, in close contact with nature.


SP 477, 518, 06046 Norcia PG, Italia
Cell: 3389970734

Hempiness stems from a long-standing friendship and the common passion of Emanuele and Matteo -one owner of the farm where hemp is grown, the other agronomist with experience in the field- for this extraordinary plant.
The “Le Case di Quarantotti” farm is located in Norcia, within the Sibillini Mountains Natural Park: where, for over twenty years, it has been cultivated and produced according to the standards of organic agriculture. In addition to the approximately 100 hectares of arable crops and pastures, sheep are raised on the farm and cheese is produced. The farm and the land are immersed in an extraordinary landscape context, characterized by particular pedoclimatic conditions, which are reflected in the unique characteristics of our products.


For more information about our products, for direct purchase or if you are interested in distributing Hempiness products, you can contact us by e-mail writing to

“Born from the love of tradition and craftsmanship, from the desire to create a place that recalls the smell of home”.

The “Le Due Querce” farm is a small dairy farm based on a love for tradition and craftsmanship, managed by Jacopo Coccia, a twenty-five year old boy who was able to resist the various temptations of the company to realize his dream.

The company is immersed in the heart of Valnerina, born as a result of the earthquake in central Italy, where it is possible to stay in rooms furnished in traditional style, that taste excellent local delicacies, including cheeses and salami of various kinds, wines and much other.

Despite the entry of new production technologies, while continuing to operate according to traditional criteria, the company proposes exclusively quality products while maintaining the flavors of the past.


Cell: 3333782433
Strada statale 320, Cascia